Racquet.io uses a ceilinged point system designed to encourage both experts and beginners to challenge themselves by playing near or above their skill level. Starting out everyone gets 1000 points. You gain points only for wins and lose points only for losses.


To determine how many points are won and lost, players are split into 10 tiers based on their current accumulation of points. The players in the top tier wager 100 points each time they play, the next tier wagers 90 points... continuing down to 10. Players at the top of the bracket take on the most risk when playing, but have to consistently win to keep a high ranking. Players in lower tiers are encouraged to play players of similar skill levels until they climb to the top.

Rolling Window

Racquet.io then uses a rolling window of each player’s last 20 games to calculate each player’s current score. The outcome of each player’s most recent game is most relevant and affects their score 100%, the second most is worth 95%... continuing down to 5%. The 20 game window ensures that past losses do not prevent a player from excelling in the future. Additionally, the window prevents players from gaining points just for playing often regardless of skill level.

Majors & Minors

Players who play infrequently are kept in the Minor League. This can be a result of playing less than 5 games, in which case we can’t accurately determine your ranking. Additionally, if you haven’t played in 2 weeks you will be added to the minor leagues. This prevents players from sitting at the top.


For the most accurate results, enter all matches regardless of wins or losses. It is good sportsmanship for the loser to take on the responsibility of entering the match.

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